Ice-Climbing in Turkey? Really? Yep! And it’s not bad at all! We’ve been invited with Mathieu Maynadier and his partner Charlotte BarrĂ© for an Ice-Climbing event in the North East of Turkey. Our first location was Erzurum. We spent one night in this town, just enough to have a taste of the Turkish delicatessen! Then we hit the road further North to a little village, Uzundere. We set up our base camp there and went exploring the region.

Ice-Climbing here is really marginal… only a few climbers have been there before us and we’re not really sure! But people were welcoming and curious about what the fuck we were doing there! We spent a few days climbing some waterfalls, we even did some first ascents. There’s no big potential in terms of waterfalls in this valley, but Turkish mountains are huge… so that might not be the end!